Dan's 911 Fitness Challenge

Day 4 -

Side note that I meant to put up yesterday, I recently tried on a pair of dress pants purchased in the early months of 2011 (if I remember correctly). Those pants fit perfect then, BARELY fit in the summer (too small), and are now much too big for me. (I started riding the bike a few times a week in November)


5 minute light bike warm-up

3 sets of:

15 push-ups

10 full bicep curls

10 dips

10 seconds of held squats

10 seconds lunge left leg

10 seconds lunge right leg

15 seconds front core-bridge

15 seconds left-side core-bridge

15  seconds right-side core-bridge

10 seconds on back with right leg up (core-bridge)

10 seconds on back with left leg up (core-bridge)

End set.

5 minutes cool-down stretches.


Breakfast - Granny smith apple and yogurt

Lunch - Tuna with melted cheese sandwich on whole-wheat bun . Carrots.

Cheat-meal Supper - Chinese food. Chicken fried rice, ginger beef, veggies, egg-rolls, almond chicken, veggies, shrimp, noodles.

Snack - Apple slices, grated cheese, and a few crackers.